Moharians..My Life..

Moharians..My Life..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome To My Blog Peeps...

The Journey Of Life for us..through thick and thin of life..maybe through this blog i will feel at ease..we shall see..this is where i will be writing about my sadness and happiness..

Life...wat can i say about it..the unpredictability of it is jus to hard to explain..too many things to do with so little time..sometimes i jus wish i can jus be free from all these..but at least..i noe i have YOU..and i noe YOU will be there with will all end..with the love from my family and relatives..with the love from the ONE above..i am sure i will make it through..

2010..has been a life lesson..time to forget all about 2010 and focus on 2011 and the years ahead..time to start werk hard..werk smart..and time to move on..time to plan ahead..with the one i love..One Name One Word..Says it all...NUHHIQQMAL..he is my life..he is my heart and soul..

Read up more..will update when i have the time..thanx for new so mite be abit plain..heeh..taking care...!

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