Moharians..My Life..

Moharians..My Life..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

somethings R jus not meant to be...

When things go bad..wat do we do..??we tend to break down and cry..but how much tears is it gona take so tt the pain will go away..too much tears..sometimes..i jus need to be appriciated..isit so hard to come by these days..why do ppl keep giving me all this tormentation..wat did i do wrong??

I am jus who i am..nobody deserves to be treated this one..but y do i feel so low these few days..havent i done enugh..i did my best..i gave it my all..and seems to be not enugh..ppl still hurts so bad..when u hear all these..but wat can i do??jus keep quiet...and take it all in..

Ikhlaskan..Redha..Smua yg berlaku ader hikmahnyer..jadi..sabar jer..sabar...entah sampai biler pun diri sendiri tk tau..lumrah hidup..mulut org kiter tkleh tutup..terima ajer lah smua dgn hati yg least i noe i have the ones tt will standby day..things will be better..

Life is so sad sometimes..jus too even share with anyone..and i dun wish to..enugh of troubling the ppl around me..maybe its time i lead my own life..even when i fall at least i noe i tried my best..i am still having doubts..can i giv hiqqmal the life he wants..can i grant all his wishes..can i fulfill his dreams??can i do all these all by myself..??its hard until i myself breakdown at times..but looking at his laughter..his smile..his cheekyness..i noe i have to be strong..for him..

YA ALLAH..tlg lah hambaMU ini..berikanlah ku segala petunjukMU..berikanlah aku kekuatan..ketabahan..agar dpt aku tempuh hidupku ini..insyaALLAH...

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