Moharians..My Life..

Moharians..My Life..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

His Very First Trip To Seoul Garden..03/04/2011

Look At his expression..its says it all..hehehe..My Baby's First trip to Seoul Garden..A day to remember..hehe..Syukur ke Hadrat ILLAHI for this day..More pictures of this day to share..Such a lovely day..We actually did nothing special at all..jus to pray together at mosques and eat..But tts jus the way we like it..Love the way we spend time when we meet..

I am so deeply in love with him..he is the only one for me..he completes my life in evry way..Thank u ALLAH for bringing him to me..I am jus so thankful to YOU..

 He is the other half of me..He is My fren,my brother,my partner,my bestfren,my heart and soul..he is my evrything..

Spending time with u is the best thing i hav now..even if i dun do any special thing..i jus wan to spend me tts the best thing to do..

 Ur presence in my life changes me so much..thank u baby..thank u for being u..the way u treat me,love me,show me care and concern..all tt u did for me..i will nvr forget..appreciate evry moment of it..I used to think tt guys like u nvr exists anymore..but u sure prove me wrong..i love our relationship so much baby..and i love u so much also..

Nothing beats the time we spend together..i jus treasure and love evry moment of it..even if we do will always be special..

Praises to ALLAH..all to him for this wonderful gift in life..u are jus the one i need..i cant thank u enugh actually..and i cant repay u..i cant afford to repay u..hanya dgn doa sahaja lah i dapat membalas budi baik u sayang..hanya pada ALLAH SWT i dapat bermohon..supaya dia dapat memberi segala mukjizat dan rahmat kepada u dan juga keluarga u..Hanya padaNYA i bermohon dan meminta..kerana dia lebih MAHA MENGETAHUI aper yang akan terjadi dan aper yang tersirat dalam hati i..

I sangat2 bersyukur dgn kehadiran u dalam hidup i..amat2 berterima kasih..i am so happy now compared to last time..and we both are going to the ryte path pf life..with each others' guidance..insyaALLAH we will lead a beautiful life together..and insyaALLAH hubungan ini..akan kekal hingga ke jinjang pelamin..coz i only wan to be with u sayang..only u..


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