Moharians..My Life..

Moharians..My Life..

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Day Of Love..With Love...


Another be remembered..hehe..Spend the day with Love..Super fun..its always fun when im with u baby..

But the few days before was the saddest meetings we had so sorry trouble u with all my probs..and the news i received is one of the saddest news ever..its my fate..going thru all the so depressing..and i thank u for being there for me..

After all the pain,i is too short to jus suffer tt way..i shuld jus be strong to go thru it and live life to the fullest sayang..i wan to be with u as long as i can..and i wan us to be be happy together with giv hiqqmal the life he i will survive...!hahaha..kasik...!

InsyaALLAH..with ur support and love..i will go thru wat is needed..u are my light baby..u are the one who is always with me when im down..and i am sorry for the trouble baby..

And....!i love this pics...!

Thank you so much for the day of fun..hehehe..i will always have fun and im always happy when im with u baby..its doesnt have to be anything special..being with u..i am already happy..i jus love our relationship sayang..although its like not even a month..haha..and i have this feeling tt this relationship of ours will last if we are wat we are now..

But theres surely to be ups and downs along the if it comes..we shall not be harsh and jus settle it nicely k..understand,trust,honesty..penting tu bro...!gua caya sama lu lah..!hahaha..kasik...!

Ehem..ehem...Biler nak jumper mak ni bee?mak dah tnyer2 tu..hahaha..kena..kena..nampak..nampak...hahaha...nvm..take ur time..i am missing u baby..alot..evrytime we hav to part,i will miss u instantly..i duno y,i jus cant explain also..maybe the love i have for u is so strong sampai jadi mcm tu..alamak...!kecoh ar ni mcm..hahaha..

Well baby,i do love u alot..its the fact..and i will only wan to be with one else..U,Me and Hiqqmal..jus the three of us..tts is wat my life is now..'PAPA WERK?,PAPABLUM DTG?,PAPA BLUM SAMPAI?,MAK PHONE PAPA..' tulah dialogue anak u hari2 bee..hahaha..Hiqqmal is like missing u evryday lah baby..

Baby,i jus love the way we are now,i wuldnt wan to change it one bit..insyaALLAH it will be long lasting as long as we understand each other..


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