Moharians..My Life..

Moharians..My Life..

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy together..but sad alone...

Hey All...
Updating my blog for today..yeah..been busy with things nowadays..too many things happening and too many things to handle with too little time..slowly but surely..haizz..insyaALLAH..nothing lasts patience is a virtue..

By the way..I miss someone..someone dearly to me..i wan to be happy as well like others..but sometimes..wat i wan..may not be wat my family likes..haizz..tts my doubt..but someone told me before..kalau niat baik..insyaALLAH org dpt terima..i miss the happy times i used to have..the gd times..y cant i enjoy life like others..tkperlah..susah dulu..senang2 kemudian...

The boy in the one and only..he is my heart and soul..evrything i do is jus for him..well...heres a story..

I met someone..a different someone,different from any other guys..and yes..i am falling in love..but shuld i??shuld i giv LOVE another chance..i m worried tt history will repeat itself..we can always plan..but not evrything goes our way all the time..for jus going with the flow..jus going thru day by day with open heart..

I am still fresh from getting hurt becoz of love..but he is jus the one i need..he shower me with love..givs me attention and all i need currently in life..but can i go all the way??wat if...wat if....haizz...jus dun wana think about it..jus live with wat i have first..let time do the talking i guess..thank u de..thank u for being there for me..thank u for all tt u gave me..i will treasure all the moments we spent together..

If one day we are not meant to be..i will always be ur fren..i jus wan u to be is all about sacrifices..

tts all for now..will update again soon...taking care y'all...

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