Moharians..My Life..

Moharians..My Life..

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Best Day So Far...


The day i had so much fun spending time with u Baby..nothing can describe the feeling i had on tt all started with the rings at couple lab..hehehe..then to u noe where..hehehe..i jus love the rings Baby..

But then again..all the time we spent together is the best time ever..hehe..evrytime with u i feel so much love..Baby,so many things happened in less then one month..and the way it ended yesterday,OMG...!hahaha..wat luck Baby..i was like super shocked..when u found the money..

Well Baby,i jus love so much..and after yesterday,i jus realise tt i love u more than ever..i am jus so in love with u Baby..deeply..and i cant believe we went thru so much in less than one month..lets see Baby..

First the watch..then comes the ring..then now the dog tag..well...there is more to come for sure..hehehe..jus wait..i jus love the relationship we are having..we have so much fun together..when i meet u its like..all my troubles are gone..looking at the way u look at blew me away..haha

The way u treat me..DAMN...u make me melt..hahaha...u are the one i need..u are my one and only..i jus need u..all of u..i hope we can spend time together again looking forward to it..

Starting next week,we will not get to see each other except for weekends..ill be busy werking and likewise for u..and i will look forward to the weekend for sure..hehe..and i will definitely miss u and ur...........ehem....ehem....kasik.....!

Baby,thank u for evrything so far..and i am looking forward for more..hehehe..i jus cant have enugh of u..i wan more...!and i am sorry tt wat i planned yesterday didnt went well..especially when we reached so sorry..i noe u are time u plan lah..takut...seram...hehehe..

wateva it is..i am thankful and greatful to have u in my life..i jus love u so much..and i will miss evry second,evry minute,evry hour of not meeting u..keep it fully loaded for me Baby...i wan all of it..nampak..nampak...kasik....!

i am So looking forward to werking a Thomson medical..and i promise..when i have free time..ill go to ur werkplace and eat dinner together k..hehehe..and more surprises to come..wait ar..wait..kasik mesti kasik..!

I love the ring..i love the watch..i love the dog tag..i jus love evrything we are having now..u are my other half Baby..u will have wateva i have..and I LOVE U BABY...SO MUCH...


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