Moharians..My Life..

Moharians..My Life..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Without You..I am Not the Same...

Baby..Without u,i am no one..without u,i feel so lost..u complete me in evry single way..u complete me with evrything u do..With u,i am complete..with u,i am someone..with u,i feel so loved..

Baby..u are jus the one i need..u are jus the one for me..u are jus the one i wan to be with for the rest of my life..i am dedicating my life to u..and im so thankful u are here with me..i am so thankful u love hiqqmal as much as u love me..i am very thankful u can accept me for who i am..i am happy tt hiqqmal can accept u also..

Baby..i am praying tt we will always be with each other..i am praying tt one day all this will have a happy ending..i am praying tt one day u and me can live life happily together..

Baby..if one day,we are not meant to be..if one day we have to part,at least i noe,i will have u here in my heart..and at least i noe tt u are happy with the one u chose..wateva life may bring,i will be praying for u..i will be there for u..maybe not as much but please noe..i am always here for u..i am always in u..

Baby..u are the one and only for me..having u now is th greatest thing in my life..having u loving me..its a plus sign baby..i promise i will love u as much as i can..i will try my love u with all my heart..

Baby..u are my other half..if i lose u..i am jus left with one half of me..not seeing u for one day feels like do i go thru life without u baby..thinking of it,makes me feel so sad..i jus hope i wuldnt have to feel tt way..

Baby..I LOVE YOU SO one will ever and nvr take ur place in my heart..the love,the time,the attention,the sacrifice u did for me..meant so much..and Baby,u mean so much to me..u mean the world to me..u are my evrything..

Baby,dun stop being who u are..u are jus the person for me..i jus love u the way u are..thank u for evrything baby..thank u so much..I promise to love u for as long as it takes..even if i have to get hurt in the process..its the least i can do to repay love stanby u..i love u Bee..

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