Moharians..My Life..

Moharians..My Life..

Monday, February 28, 2011

Kena Lagi...Padan Muker aku...!

Nilah kan...nak kenakan si dier..kena balik pat diri sendiri..kasik....!padan muker aku...!hahahaha..kononnyer nak surprise dgn toiletries Adidas lah..kononnyer..beh kena balik rabak2 per..waduh..

Silap..silap ar...shuldnt have when inside tt stupid time tanak ckp aper2 ar...diam jer lagi bagus..

Btw,thanx Baby for the pants and shoe..I love the shoe...!and also the pants...!and turn next...But unfair favourite brand is like only Adidas..and urs i duno..ah....i dun care..

One of each..head to toe..will be in different brands...all surfing of each..urgh...geram jer..nvm..kena mesti kena..balas mesti balas..heehee

Thank u again for this shoe..haizz..dah lah bee..cukuplah..lemah badan seh ni mcm..mau rabak seh klu mcm ni..cukup...cukup..!hahaha...giv me the chance lah to do it on my own..and the chance to do it on u..i havnt even started on anything seh..maner fair seh bee..

Tomorow starts a brand new journey for u and me..for us..not meeting u..for the weekdays..i will looking forward to evry weekend for sure and i am gona miss u so much...tu cnfrm..but wat to do..werk is werk..we jus have to go thru with it..a test for us..and im sure we will pass with flying we both love each other very much...

And This sunday..its ur plan eh..i dah pencen..tnk plan lagi..all up to u..hahaha..seram..i told u im bad at i expect u to plan..will be looking forward to spend time with u..hehe..thanx once again baby...u wait..GUA BALAS MESTI BALAS NYER!!!hahahahaa

Love u Baby...Miss u...So Much....!!

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