Moharians..My Life..

Moharians..My Life..

Friday, February 4, 2011

Take it as slow as it is...

Time...Let time take gona take it as slow as possible until no one can even tell..hahaha..its mean but y mus i care when no one even care about how i feel..u wana try me..we see how u can stand the way i act this time..

U wan me to be this way..then this way i will be..i can be the way u wan be to be..even if it kills..i will prove u wrong..ahh...wateva lah eh..

Wat a day today..went to west coast park..and got caught in the rain..haah..then went bowling with mum and bro and hiqqmal..had fun.but mind not a ease..stupid ppl spoil my day so early..not my family..but some ppl..judge me and say things when they dun even noe wat my life is all about..

Who do u think u guys are..??!! damn it..stop judging others..look urself in the mirror..u guys are not perfect either..wth..go lead ur own life lah..i had enugh of ppl like u..but i dun care also..i dun owe u a living..i lead my own life...susah atau senang..tak pernah ganggu get lost...u guys are not worth my time..
so sorry to be a bitch..if u guys wana bitch around..ill show u who is the bitch..Like i care..i dun even care anymore about wat u guys doesnt hurt even to hear..i will jus not bother..u guys can go and get lost..wat the hell..i am happy with my life now..lead ur own lah k..

thanx to u guys..i am more stronger with my life taking control over my own matters..pity u guys tt always busy with other ppl's stuffs when u noe tt u guys cant settle ur own..pity..pity..haah...

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