Moharians..My Life..

Moharians..My Life..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time For Changes...

Emo...Shit....Emo Shit is the word..stupid..stupid...! how stupid can i be??until ppl have this perspective and impression on me..well..Time for changes to be made..u wan me to follow ur way..then ill do it ur way..u wan me to take things slow..ill go slow..

U wan me to be the way u wan me to be..sure..i will..i will do anything for u..anything..u doubt me..u say i dun appreciate..we shall see..i will prove u and all the others wrong...try me..all these while..i did evrything for u..evrything..even if it hurts me..i still do it for u..but this is wat i get..ok jus gona do it ur way..

A different me will be out...jus the way u wan me to be..jus hope tt u will be more appreciative this time..and i hope u will see and notice the change..i am gona make it drastic..STARTING FROM NOW...

I thank u for giving me the opportunity to do thankful to u for being who u are to me..i jus love the way u treat me treating me this way..u jus made me a better person..u jus duno how i appreciate u..forgive me for all my sins..all my wrongdoings...all my harsh words..

Things will be different from now on..i promise...

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